– I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand that StuKlick works as the third party between myself and the agency and therefore they are not reliable for what happens when an agreement between myself and the agency has been concluded.

– Unless otherwise agreed upon the time for cancellation of reserving a room StuKlick is entitled to charge for cancellation if done within 24 hours, If a student wishes to change a room which they have reserved we will allocate the student to the desired available room with an extra charge for the change.

– It is my responsibility to ensure that i provide correct details and i am sorely responsible if details provided are incorrect.

– I acknowledge that if I successfully reserved a room it is my responsibility to pay the outstanding balance to the agency within 74 hours and that failure to do so will lead to a penalty fee and cancellation of my reservation.

– I understand that i need to visit the agency offices  to fully complete/submit and sign all the necessary documents in order to obtain keys for my room.

– I understand that the reservation fee is part of the deposit meaning it is minused within my deposit and i have to pay the outstanding deposit plus other fees for the room.

– I understand that the reservation hours are between 8am to 5pm, If i decide to reserve after working hours StuKlick will not be held responsible for double booking. It is my duty to call and let them know if this occurs.
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